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"Methodist Medical Group-Lacon: Smith Ruth" in Lacon works at 1112 5th Street, IL 61540. If you have any questions, please call the phone number +1 309-246-2676

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1112 5th Street, Lacon, IL 61540
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+1 309-246-2676

Establishment   Health   Doctor  

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  • Josh Johnson
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Office manager was defensive when offered personal experience, causing me to be ill. Not having left my house for four days, with zero exposure to others, then visiting the office on a monday for an appointment, and wednesday having an obvious respiratory infection. Obviously incubated 2 days, tracks back to this office. Office manager illogically avoided recognizing that my call was to inform them of the facts, to prevent future scenarios.
    Any and all responsibility to acknowledge this was denied. I met many excuses with her, all which had zero application.
    Also, I was not even offered to schedule an appointment to come back in for treatment at my own doctors office (at the time), even though I meantioned lung risk, which is in my file.
    Everyone else in this location had been rather fantastic with exception to my physician (dr. kuani)denying me a lung specialist referral after coughing up blood for over a year, following a collapsed lung for no apparent reason other than blowing my nose.
    But due to this manager, and other methodist issues I changed healthcare providers to OSF.
    Which, to be honest, is not any better.
    Having coughed up blood for over a year, following a spontaneously collapsed lung, I felt I had to threaten methodist for malpractice by not providing me with a specialist referral, with no results.
    Then when seeing osf I was met with the same problem there too! I explained my request was very legit & threatened them to do their job or find lawsuit.
    I had a referral that same day.
    The pulmonologists (lung doctor)response was clearly shocked, as you could easily determine this by his wide eyes, dropped jaw, and shaking his head.

    Very sadly the larger majority of the medical system is understaffed, often undereducated, and waaay overloaded.
    Then on top of it all, you get a few unreasonable ppl that lack professional etiquette, and the whole system looks not very promising.

    Where the heck is quality assurance!
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Methodist Medical Group-Lacon: Smith Ruth

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  • Address: 1112 5th Street, IL 61540
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  • Phone number +1 309-246-2676
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